Admissions Policy and Procedure (Summary)

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Admissions Procedure                

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The Application Process

  • An initial enquiry will prompt the sending of a Prospectus.

  • Subsequent contact by phone, fax or email usually leads to an appointment for an interview with the Headteacher and a tour of the school.

  • registration form may then be submitted, together with an administration fee of £50.

  • The pupil will be invited to visit the school for a day.

  • Following a satisfactory visit, a firm offer of a place in a particular class, on a particular date, is made.  Along with this offer is sent a copy of the Acceptance Agreement, the Terms and Conditions for Admission and the School Rules.

  • Parents complete the Acceptance Agreement form, agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and return it with a deposit of £300 which is returned on completion of Year 6, providing all financial commitments have been met and all books and equipment belonging to the school returned.

  • On receipt of the Acceptance Agreement form by the School, parents are sent the Welcome Book, dates for the current and following year, and a uniform list.

Criteria for Entry

Early Years

Places are offered as follows:

  • Reception - Full-time places for 4 year olds.

Places are offered following a satisfactory visit, or visits, during the half-term before the proposed starting date.  Children must be observed to be independent in their toilet routines and ready for the Reception Class environment and routine.  Allowance is made for development of children visiting in May or June prior to entry to the school in September.


Full-time places only are available for Years 1-6.  Pupils may be accepted at any time during the year, and into any class where places are available.

Places are offered following a satisfactory day visit and, for children already of statutory school age, having seen the latest available report from the child's current school (obtained from the parents).

A child must demonstrate abilities that lie approximately within the range of the existing cohort of pupils in the class and demonstrate good behaviour.

The maximum number of children in each class is 16, though an exception may be made if a sibling of a prospective pupil requires a place.

Criteria for entry in the event of over-subscription

Consideration will be given to a combination of the following criteria, which are listed in no particular order:

  • Siblings already at the school
  • Earliest date of registration

Final decisions for admission are at the discretion of the Head Teacher and the School Council.